2019 CCAA Scholar Recipients

The CCAA honored eight outstanding Columbia College students with a scholarship of $1,000 each for the 2019-2020 academic year. Students were awarded scholarships based on their academic merit and notable affinity for Columbia College. The CCAA Scholars Program is made possible through the generous support of our alumni. Meet these inspiring CC students.

Lielbeyn Blackman

Lawton, Oklahoma
Attending: Columbia College-Fort Sill
Major: Human Resources Management

“I never had a support system growing up that encouraging me to go to college, so when I made the decision to start, I was terrified. From learning about class selection to figuring out how to read my syllabus and exceptional professors who encouraged me when fear set in, this is the best academic decision I’ve ever made. Columbia College has been so helpful throughout it all, and now because of everyone’s encouragement and help, I have that support system. Today, I am stronger, wiser and forever grateful.”

Jennifer Crowhurst

Baldwinsville, New York
Attending: Columbia College of Missouri-Hancock Field
Major: Business Administration & Business Management

“Columbia College has benefited me in the most empowering way. As a single mother of three small children, night classes and short eight-week semesters greatly benefit us as a family. I get to spend the days doing what I need to do to take care of them and completing my degree faster than I would at another college in the area. This opens up many doors for me, as I can get a job to better support my loving children and give them the life they deserve.”

Narbold Davaamyagmar

Denver, Colorado
Attending: Columbia College-Denver
Major: Master’s in Business Administration

“Columbia College has been my second home since I came to the United States. It took me some time to find a school that is affordable and friendly. What I loved about Columbia College most was the first impression when I met with the academic advisor and assistant director. They truly understood what I was looking to gain. I'm profoundly grateful that they cared about my educational goals instead of considering me as profit. Columbia College has been and will be my family.”

Shaniqua Jacobs

Orlando, Florida
Attending: Columbia College-Orlando
Major: General Studies

“My journey at Columbia College has helped me to regain confidence in myself and advance my life in ways I thought were lost to me. Due to my work and family commitments, I was afraid I would never be able to get a degree. However, my first class with the late John P. Phillips, a talented and supportive educator, restored my confidence and gave me the courage to continue. Today, I have completed my associates degree and am close to finishing my bachelor’s, and I could never have made it happen without the supportive environment at Columbia College.”

Landon Parker

Kansas City, Missouri
Attending: Columbia College Day Program
Major: Marketing, Sports Management & Business Administration

“My time at Columbia College has meant finding a home away from home and making lifelong relationships with new people. Not only have I become more educated academically, but I have also grown as a person. My passion and work ethic have benefited from my time in Columbia. I am driven to put myself through school without my parents’ help and give back to my alma mater. I look forward to making more memories, becoming a more well-rounded individual and preparing myself for the business world I have ahead of me with the time I still have left at Columbia College.”

Pamela Robertson

Dixon, Missouri
Attending: Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood
Major: Human Services

“Columbia College has helped me reach a long-time dream of becoming the first person in my immediate family to get a college degree. I am also able to achieve my dream of being able to better my life for my five children. If it weren't suggested I come to Columbia College, I wouldn't have been able to achieve these dreams. Columbia College has made my dreams a reality.”

Felipe Soares

West Jordan, Utah
Attending: Columbia College-Salt Lake City
Major: Business Administration

“I tried to get a bachelor's degree three times in Brazil without success. I've always had the dream to graduate from a great school and provide a better life for my family, and Columbia College has proven to be instrumental for that. The faculty and students at the Salt Lake campus have helped me understand better the multicultural business world we live in, and I'm confident this will benefit me and my family.”

LaTasha Tilford

Columbia, Missouri
Attending: Columbia College Evening Program
Major: English & Secondary Education

“Columbia College made me the person I am today! After suffering a life-threatening illness, I desired to pursue a goal of becoming an educator. Columbia College opened the door of opportunity, making this goal attainable. In addition, I’ve made many meaningful connections and friendships: veterans who placed their education on hold to serve our country; mothers, not unlike, myself balancing work and school; traditional students with CC being their first stop in the real world. By catering to people from all walks of life, Columbia College becomes family. I am proud and privileged to call this remarkable academic community home.”