Welcome to the Alumni Association

The Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA), founded in 1963, offers benefits, programs and activities to more than 97,000 members living around the world. Its mission is to foster lasting relationships and to sustain the college’s traditions. Membership in the Columbia College Alumni Association is complimentary for graduates, donors and friends of the college. There is no fee or registration process.

As a private, nonprofit, coeducational liberal arts and sciences college, Columbia College takes pride in its small classes, experienced faculty and quality educational programs. The college serves thousands of students annually through its network of more than 40 nationwide locations, the Day and Evening Programs in Columbia, Missouri, and the Online Education program.


The vision of the Columbia College Alumni Association is to be the model alumni association.


The Columbia College Alumni Association proudly guides the future by fostering lasting relationships with students, alumni and friends worldwide. We are committed to the purposeful development of our students, alumni, and friends as volunteers, advocates, leaders and contributors. With respect for lifelong learning, we strive to support the college and sustain traditions enjoyed today as well as those created for generations to come.

Core Values

Affinity: Affinity is the positive feeling of knowing who you are and what you value. It is appreciating that you are a part of something great. The CCAA believes our affinity embraces the depth of our rich history, the significance of our enduring traditions and the success of our achievements.

Civility & Respect: Civility and respect are character traits exemplified through integrity, dignity and compassion. The CCAA believes that civility and respect require a commitment to diversity, leadership and common courtesy.

Courage: Courage is the mental and moral fortitude to stand up to, persevere through and overcome challenges. The CCAA believes courage requires dedication, the ability to adapt to change and the desire to succeed.

Excellence: Excellence is striving to succeed and achieving it through integrity, self-determination and drive while never fearing the risk of failure. The CCAA believes that excellence is within the reach of everyone with the courage and willingness to live it.

Honor: Honor is a reflection of honesty, fairness and integrity. It is the basis for the continued execution of civility and respect, courage, excellence and affinity. The CCAA believes honor is earned through trust and ethical conduct.