Affinity Councils

The Affinity Council program creates an organization through which alumni can reconnect with each other around shared interests, experiences and identities. Affinity Councils offer opportunities for alumni to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional class and regional structure.

To request more information or create an Affinity Council in your area, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at


  • Communications and Outreach Committee: Corporate relations and Chamber work
  • Career and Employment Services Committee: Career services
  • Student Recruitment and Referrals Committee: Contacting prospective students
  • Projects and Events Committee: Events and student engagement
  • Potential Fundraising or Leadership subcommittee: Housed in the Development office

Leadership Structure

  • Council Chair: The council chair leads the alumni network in conjunction with the rest of the alumni network management team. The person in this position and indeed the whole management team also act as key advocates for Columbia College. The council chair leads, manages and plans the activities and membership of the alumni council, under advisement and approval of the Office of Alumni Relations and the CCAA Advisory Board.
  • Vice Chair: The vice chair’s role is very operational in focus. This position assists the council chair to manage and execute planned alumni network activities.
  • Secretary: The secretary is responsible for the general administration of the network.


The CCAA fosters opportunities for alumni to connect with the college and each other in alternate ways beyond classes, clubs and geographic boundaries. Alumni who share a common interest, goal or identity that furthers the mission and traditions of the college and interests of the alumni may organize groups by following the guidelines and procedures stated below or may submit proposals to the CCAA for short-term projects or programs that may be of interest to the designated group.

  • Minimum number of active members on council (10)
  • Maximum number of active members on council (20)
  • All alumni Affinity Councils must be approved by action of the CCAA Advisory Board. This approval may occur at a regularly scheduled meeting or through email action.
  • Application to form an Affinity Council must include the following information. Please submit electronically to
    • Date of application
    • Proposed name
    • Purpose
    • Mission statement
    • Description of membership (who can belong)
    • Contact name


The Affinity Council shall hold regular quarterly meetings. Additional meetings can be arranged at discretion of the council chair.