2023 CCAA Scholar Recipients

The Columbia College Alumni Association awarded $9,500 in scholarship assistance to 12 students for the 2023-24 academic year. The selection committee, comprised of members of the CCAA Advisory Council, reviewed more than 200 applications from students across the nation. In addition to academic merit, applicants were asked to discuss how they have contributed to the college community, how they plan to utilize their degree moving forward and what CC means to them.

Jacob Anderson

Eureka, Missouri
CC Location: Day Program
Major: Forensic Science
A member of four student organizations, Jacob Anderson aspires to work in law enforcement as a police officer or crime lab technician. “I have had a lot of fun with my unique classes that I couldn’t have had anywhere else,” he says. “I have also had the amazing opportunity to have my first job ever, working to contribute to a better college community.”

Jonathan Beck

Honolulu, Hawaii
CC Location: Online Program - Honolulu
Major: General Studies/ Business Administration
Jonathan Beck is a member of the United States Navy. Studying alongside fellow shipmates who are taking classes with Columbia College, he feels part of the college community when far away from main campus. After graduation, he would like to apply for Navy Officer Candidate School. “I want to help fellow sailors, soldiers, Marines and airmen get back into school and finish with a degree wherever possible,” Beck says. “Education is essential, and you never stop learning.”

Dale Boswell

Mount Vernon, Washington
CC Location: NS Everett/ Marysville
Major: Business – Accounting
Dale Boswell was in his final class toward an associate degree when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The first member of his family to go to college, he was afraid his efforts would come to an end. “The staff of Columbia College immediately found a way for students to still go to class,” he says. “For that, I will be forever grateful and keep striving to get my bachelor’s degree.” Boswell is a member of the U.S. Navy and aspires to work for a Fleet and Family Support Center when he retires, so that he may teach junior sailors best practices in personal finance management.

Bob Ekoh

Vineyard, Utah
CC Location: Salt Lake City
Major: Business – Management
Bob Ekoh regards education as an investment in the future, with his time at Columbia College helping him become the person he is today. “It is an honor to be selected as a recipient of this prestigious award, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for your generosity and confidence in me,” he says. “The financial assistance that this scholarship provides will significantly reduce the financial burden of pursuing my academic goals. It will enable me to focus more on my studies and extracurricular activities, allowing me to get the most out of my college experience.”

Justin Harris

Tulsa, Oklahoma
CC Location: Online Program
Major: Computer Information Systems/Cybersecurity
Justin Harris attributes his collegiate success to grit. “I have shown that when things get tough, I don’t give up,” he says. Motivated by studies in the cybersecurity industry, he would like to gain handson experience through an internship with the National Security Agency.

Jeffrey Johnson ’20

Sheffield, Alabama
CC Location: Online Program - Redstone Arsenal
Major: Master of Business Administration
While completing undergraduate business courses at Columbia College, Jeffrey Johnson launched a business plan to become an entrepreneur. He is continuing his academic studies to develop his abilities to own and operate a successful business. “Columbia College helped me discover something I’m passionate about, all while helping me while I was navigating a demanding military career,” he says.

Kathe Nox Leninsky

Columbia, Missouri
CC Location: Day Program
Major: Nursing
A licensed practical nurse for more than 30 years, Kathe Leninsky brings real-world experience to the classroom and is often viewed as a mentor to her classmates. Although “life sometimes gets in the way,” she says, Leninsky is focused on her goals and plans to continue a rewarding career in hospice care.

Catrina Milo ’18

Eldon, Missouri
CC Location: Lake of the Ozarks
Major: Nursing
Having completed an associate degree in Nursing from Columbia College, Catrina Milo is a night shift nurse and working toward a bachelor’s degree. “It is my dream to be able to offer my services as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practioner in my community through the Emergency Room at Lake Regional Medical Center, where there is currently no one of that specialty,” she says.

Alec Murphy

Lawrence, Kansas
CC Location: Day Program
Major: Marketing
Alec Murphy is driven to become financially independent and utilize a degree from the Robert W. Plaster School of Business to better understand the world. “I am ambitious and driven,” he says. “A business degree is crucial in gaining a deeper understanding of creating and marketing a business.” Murphy is a member of the men’s soccer team and participated in the 2023 Student Pitch Competition.

Adriana Ortiz ’16

Antioch, Illinois
CC Location: Crystal Lake
Major: Organizational Leadership
Adriana Ortiz brings more than 10 years of experience in social services to her professional and volunteer endeavors. “My drive has always been to support the underserved population focusing on the Latino community,” she says. A first-generation college student, Ortiz draws on life experiences in her outreach to educate and serve minority populations.

Angelina Snyder

Cedar Hill, Missouri
CC Location: Day Program
Major: Biochemistry
Angelina Snyder has found her place as a young adult. An active member of the student community, she participates in the TRiO Student Support Services program for first-generation students and sings in the Jane Froman choirs. She plans to attend medical school for forensic pathology. “I want to research and teach prospective students through sharing my passion for the sciences,” she says.

Christian Suding

Phenix City, Alabama
CC Location: Online Program
Major: Environmental Studies
Christian Suding has maximized his online studies to be an engaged and attentive participant through class discussion boards. He is passionate about the natural world and would like to educate youth and adults how to care for it. “My dream position is to be an interpretive instructor at either a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers site or one of our nation’s beautiful state parks,” he says.