2017 CCAA Scholars Recipients

The CCAA honored four outstanding Columbia College students with a scholarship of $1,000 each for the 2017-2018 academic year. Students were awarded scholarships based on their academic merit and notable affinity for Columbia College. The CCAA Scholars Program is made possible through the generous support of our alumni. Meet these inspiring CC students:

Kyle Alston

Kyle Alston will be the first member of his family to complete a college education. “After facing family difficulties during my first college endeavors, I had to make the difficult decision of putting my education on pause to provide support for my family,” he says. An Online Education student from Laguna Niguel, California, Kyle is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Healthcare Management. The program’s flexibility and his strong GPA have given Kyle the confidence to continue in higher education and reach for his fullest potential.

Leah Hoveln

Leah Hoveln credits Columbia College for helping her grow not only as a student, but as an adult. “As a Day Campus student Columbia College has been able to provide me with experiences that no other college ever could have,” she says. A chemistry major with a legal studies minor from Urbana, Illinois, Leah is active on campus as a member of the Student Government Association and Mock Trial team. With her sights set on a 2018 graduation, Leah is prepared to graduate with a “top-notch” education. “Columbia College has been my home and will always be part of my life,” she says. “This school is so important to me, because it has surrounded me with people that support me, push me to be the best I can be and, most importantly, people who will help in any way they can for me to succeed.” After graduation, Leah plans to attend law school.

Kadeem Mitchell

Since his first class in 2011 at Columbia College-NAS Jacksonville, Kadeem Mitchell has made the most of his education. Kadeem completed his Associate in General Studies degree in 2013, followed by an Associate in Science in 2015 and a Bachelor of Science in 2016. “Being in the military, education is very difficult, and Columbia College has provided me the opportunity to complete my classes,” he says. “The tools I have learned from the college gave me resources on how to manage and lead from my juniors, superiors and even my peers.” Kadeem now lives in California, serves in the United States Navy and currently holds a 4.0 GPA working toward a Master of Business Administration degree through Columbia College Online Education.

Albert Sardinas

Albert Sardinas takes education seriously. He invested four years into a biomedical engineering degree at another institution but left the program before graduating. “My experience left me broken and my confidence shaken,” he says. In 2014 Albert began classes at Columbia College-Jacksonville and regained his passion for higher education. He earned an Associate in General Studies degree in 2015. Now a resident of Renton, Washington, Albert is working toward a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Healthcare Management. “The staff, professors and advisors have all been tremendous,” he says. “I've been on the president’s list and achieved academic excellence. I'm going to graduate, and my goal is to do it with honors.” Albert’s wife, Paula, graduated from Columbia College in 2016.