The St. Clair Society honors individuals whose vision and commitment to the future have led them to include the college in a charitable life income agreement or estate plan. The St. Clair Society is named for Luella St. Clair Moss, a true visionary and one of the first female college presidents in the United States. She served three terms as president of Christian College, the forerunner of Columbia College.

How do I become a member?

Columbia College alumni and friends generously give their time, talents and treasure because they know each act of service makes a lasting impact. Legacy giving does not require a large income or vast estate. Legacy giving requires a thoughtful intention to make a difference by identifying Columbia College in your will, estate plan, life insurance or real property. Throughout the college's history, 281 individuals have joined the St. Clair Society. There are currently 128 living members.

As a member of the St. Clair Society, you can expect: 

  • A relationship with Columbia College during your lifetime
  • Special recognition in newsletters and annual reports, unless anonymity is desired
  • Invitations to special events, including the annual Donor Recognition luncheon
  • A role in determining how your legacy gift will be used
  • Satisfaction in knowing your legacy will make a difference in educating and supporting generations to come

Where does my gift go?

Planned gifts are flexible and provide you with an ability to personalize a lasting philanthropic legacy. Unrestricted planned gifts are usually designated to the Columbia College Fund. Donors wishing to restrict the purpose of their gift or establish a named fund should discuss their intentions with Columbia College’s Office of Development to ensure that their wishes can be met.

How can I give?

  • Bequests are one of the easiest forms of planned giving. A bequest may be provided through a will or trust, but it must be worded correctly to ensure that the donor’s wishes are fulfilled. The Office of Development can provide sample language that may assist in establishing a bequest.
  • Permanent life insurance policies may be donated to Columbia College. Donors may receive a tax benefit by naming Columbia College as both owner and beneficiary of the gifted policy. Any additional premiums due on the policy paid by the donor may also qualify as a charitable tax deduction.
  • Donors may establish a charitable remainder trust (CRT) with cash or other assets and receive an income in return. Columbia College does not serve as trustee, but the donor may serve as trustee or choose a third-party trustee. There are two types of CRTs that may satisfy a variety of donor needs. An attorney is required to prepare trust documents.
  • Donors may name Columbia College as the beneficiary of their retirement account. This gift option may provide significant income-tax and estate-tax benefits.
  • Creating a will allows you to make important decisions about your legacy and support the people and causes that mean the most to you. If you have already included Columbia College in your estate plan, please send a completed Estate Gift Intention Form for our records. Download a form and mail to: Columbia College Office of Development, 1001 Rogers St., Columbia MO 65216
  • Columbia College has invested in a resource to help you write a will and plan for the future. Learn more.

May I speak to a staff member?

For more information about including Columbia College in your will, making a planned gift or becoming a member of the St. Clair Society, please contact Missy Montgomery, CFRE, CAP at (573) 875-7576.

Create a Will
Columbia College has invested in a resource to help you plan for your future while benefiting the people and causes that mean the most to you for generations to come. Learn more.