Cornerstone Club

The Cornerstone Club is comprised of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of Columbia College who, through a commitment to provide an annual high level of support to the Columbia College Fund, have established themselves as leaders for the college and faithful stewards of the college’s mission. Gifts of every size move the college forward and benefit the hands-on experience of every student. Your support makes a big impact!

Join the Cornerstone Club

Giving Levels

  • Bronze: $1,000-$4,999
  • Silver: $5,000-$9,999
  • Gold: $10,000-$24,999
  • Platinum: $25,000 and above

How do I join?

The Cornerstone Club recognizes all donors who have supported the Columbia College Fund with $1,000 or more in gifts within a single fiscal year.

Founding Cornerstone Club member Bill Seibert ’09 supports today's students in gratitude for his own CC experience:

“There was and still is a need to say thank you,” Seibert says of supporting his alma mater. “Through life’s experiences, struggles and successes, I trust Columbia College to continue to serve and be willing to walk with those who need you. I am committed because you never relinquished your commitment to me. I am proud to continue to support Columbia College financially, with my time and with what little talents I have."