African American Legacy of Excellence Award

This award is in acknowledgement of the original African American students who first studied at Columbia College in the early 1970s. These scholars integrated the student body of Columbia College and, throughout their matriculation, laid a foundation of excellence, love and support for all students of color. While in college, they gravitated toward the piano and their shared love of gospel music. They formed the "Children of God" choir that performed on campus and in local churches.

This dedicated group of alumni celebrates the lifelong friendships born at Columbia College and pays tribute to the academic opportunities, specific subject knowledge, mental and interpersonal skills and life lessons imparted by the college experience that provided the foundation for success.

More than 50 years later, African American students continue to challenge and maintain academic excellence while meeting the financial demands of college expenses. It is through this award that these proud alumni strive to support African American students at Columbia College for years to come.

VIDEO: Click here to watch the recording of the October 15, 2021, presentation.